PATRON + Bangor cave raid, Murder and Searcy family in the news of August 2, 1937

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  1. Uncle Fred took several of us to this cave in the 50’s this bar was still standing and we went back into the cave to see the swimming pool. It was an unbelievable ……Never forget that adventure…..

  2. The front bar was still there when I was there a few years ago. It’s solid rock.

  3. Amy Brasher Thomas look at this !

  4. My cousin L. B. Musgrove was one of the 3 arrested at Bangor Cave. I have a copy of the newspaper clipping. He was quite a colorful character. He owned Dauphine Island at one time and gambled it away for collateral for some business on a train ride to New York. His mother, my namesake, Elizabeth Cain Musgrove was a tour de force in Walker County, having organized local UDC & raised the Confederate Statue in the courthouse square of Jasper. Her dealings with the invading Yankees is fascinating too.

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