1. […] William Acton was a Presbyterian minister, and planter, was born April 14, I805, on a large farm near Monticello, Wayne County, Kentucky, and died in Shelby County, Alabama. He was sixth son of Capt. John Acton and Jane “Jennie” (Roberts) Acton and the brother of Col.  John Acton. […]

  2. Old Acton Cemetery is a very small but significant cemetery in the history of northern Shelby County. It is in some woods basically surrounded by homes and with many Acton descendants living in the area yet Unfortunately it is mostly abandoned and unkept. Occasionally with some prodding a Boy Scout group will take it as a project and it looks good for a year or so but then grows over again. I am past the age and condition that I can do the work and just wish that some family members or caring group would provide it the care that it deserves. There is a census of it’s burials that I did some years ago that can be found on the Shelby County Historical web site. A most interesting cemetery to visit. A description of it’s location is included with the census

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