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BIOGRAPHY: Dr. James W. or H. Crawford (1822 – 1844)




Bibb County, Alabama

This is an excerpt from Compiled Records of BIBB COUNTY ALABAMA PIONEERS VOLUME II

Dr. James H. Crawford, whom Miss Sarah H. Huey married, was born in Bibb county, Ala., February 15, 1822. He received a common commercial education at Centreville. He was a son of Thomas Crawford, (born April 29, 178), and Mary (Davidson) Crawford, (born January 8, 1789) who were pioneers of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They were the parents of a large family of children. Mary Davidson died October 4, 1831. Thomas was a linen-weaver by trade and died September 4, 1844 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

On January 8, 1856, Dr. James H. Crawford married Mrs. Rebecca (Huey) Duff, by whom he had two children, both of whom are dead. His wife died April 4, 1862, and he was then married in 1863 to Sarah Huey, a sister of his first wife. To this marriage, there were born seven children, two sons, and five daughters, viz.: Thomas, deceased; Marrillo; Edgar; Estella; Bryce, deceased; Dallum, and Maud.

Dr. Crawford died April 11, 1883. Both he and his wife were members of the Presbyterian church. He was a true Christian and a faithful worker for the church. He was a prominent physician and was highly esteemed in every place or position which he was called upon to fill; when he died all were forcibly impressed with the thought that “Death loves a shining mark.”

Dr. Crawford was a man whose endowments of mind and heart impressed all so fortunate as to form his acquaintance. During his last illness he was a victim of a painful affliction and extreme suffering, which he bore with characteristic fortitude. To his friends his loss was mitigated in some degree by there flection that he had passed his allotted three score years and ten and that he had passed down to his grave as a shock of corn in its season. He was a man of large and varied information and was endowed by nature with superior powers of mind, which he by persistent application, by reading, observation and reflection had greatly improved. He was animated with a strong love of country and by a patriotic devotion to all the great interests of the people. Always commanding the confidence and esteem of his countrymen, he was called at various times to assume the responsibilities which it was known he would conscientiously discharge. He served in the legislature of his state in 1855-56, in councils and conventions for the promotion of medical science, agriculture and education. He always challenged attention and respect for his practical wisdom and native common sense.

His entire life as a resident of this county, his name and reputation, have contributed to elevate the general tone and character of society. He was the friend of every movement to advance education, promote refinement, build up the church and the Sabbath school and to inculcate peace, good-will and good morals among the people. For forty years he was an active and trusted leader in all these various laudable undertakings. In all private and social relations he was all that friendship could admire or affection approve.

He was an unaffected Christian gentleman, affable, kind and considerate to all. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity.


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