1. My grandfather was Dempsey Watkins Salter and his grandfather was Watkins Salter who served in the legislature representing Conecuh county and later representing Lowndes county. Just wondering if anyone new if there was any family relation to John Watkins.

  2. Robert M. Evans any relation?

  3. Good history on Dr. Watkins. Question as I do research on my Watkins line from AL, there are many Watkins/Wadkins African Americans listed. Did he own slaves and if so, do you have any idea of how many?

  4. Apparently Dr. John Watkins was my great great grandfather. My grandfather’s mother’s name was Elizabeth Watkins, and her father was John Watkins. I’m still researching, but this is a pretty cool history. My mom says Elizabeth Watkins Taylor died in 1972.

  5. Dr, John Watkins and Mary Thomas Hopkins Howard had eight children (Mary had previously taken the last name “Hunter” from her first marriage) : Dr. Benjamin Franklin Watkins, Richard Hopkins Watkins, Henry Howard Watkins, Mary Howard Watkins, Sarah Goodwin Watkins, John Polk Watkins, William Brutus Watkins and Emma Richardson Watkins

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