1. The more I read your articles the more I realize how little I know about Alabama history. Thanks for the wonderful articles.

  2. I love reading the stories. Amazing job! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Perhaps a typographical error, his birth year is mentioned as 1814, yet he left Virginia in 1818 on horseback to travel to Alabama? One more question: How did he get the title, “colonel?”

  4. […] Col. Powell introduced into our office on Saturday last Hon. W. L. Smith, Alex McFarlane, Col. W. B. McCrary and Eli Smith, of Flint, Michigan. They are gentlemen of wealth and education, who have been prospecting this section with a view to investment. The Iron Age goes to Flint, Michigan, now. […]

  5. […] Col. James Robert Powell earned the nickname Duke of Birmingham for his support of the new city of Birmingham (Wikipedia) […]

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