1. I read the first part of the John Alston Dudley and had a heart attack! It said that John and wife mary Robinson Dudley had four daughters and named them. But I descend from Eliza Lillington Dudley then McKenzie & next Wilson then and I thought that Eliza was not. I was so upset that my stomach started hurting and it was midnight I started looking for a way to contact Donna Causey which of course I could not. I came back to the article and found her on down the page. Why are those listed as their only girls. Yes later on you get Eliza but the first four girls lets you think that they are the only girls. I am having a hard time with my confusion!!! Thankfully it has a happy ending. That was a horrible 30 min A Baird.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You are right there was confusion in the biography. The three daughters should have applied to Thomas Dudley and I have corrected it in the biography. I’m sorry the article crossed you distress and I’m glad you didn’t have a heart attack!

  2. By the way Eliza had two sons. The elder was Alexander (the beginning of my name) but she also had Francis (Frank) killed during Civil War.

  3. Still I am stewing over Mary Robinson Dudley. I found her on 1850 census showing her age 63 so born 1787. I cannot find a Mary Dudley or Mary Robinson of that age anywhere and there are no parents listed under the private and public trees on Ancestry. The brother I thought she wanted to follow is way too old to be her brother – at least to me. For the moment I don’t have his birthday but I think it is 1766, big difference for siblings plus none of the public or private trees show him with a sibling named Mary. Cornelius is said to be her father and it really looks like she is close to someone named Cornelius because not only does she name a daughter Cornelia and then the daughters also use the name but when you check to find a listing of his children Mary is not there. His birth date 1733 or 1734 Your thoughts appreciated. AB

  4. I cannot find any source which names the wife of John Alston Dudley as Elizabeth. It is Mary in the sources I have found.. Mary is on the 1850 census with two of her daughters, Cornelia and Sarah Dudley. Sarah will marry before the next census but Cornelia is said to never have married This may already corrected somewhere that I am not aware. ab