1. Cathe Deloney

    Cool. Wish I lived in Pensacola when it only had 180 houses!

  2. Riley Bernard Harris

    How are they going to preserve the boat. It needs to be studied and placed in the Alabama Department of Archives and History building.

  3. Linda Wagoner

    Some of those 180 Pensacola homes are still there and the universities are uncovering more in their frequent archeological digs. Very interesting city!

  4. David McLeod

    The McLeods of Clarke were among those royalist highlanders fleeing the Carolinas.

  5. Barry Pitts

    Every place is a historical place.

  6. can’t wait to see what lie their going to tell this time if its a slave ship Or something else that their waiting to dish out,,, History was already a lie… Everyone has been lied to… even history was told half ass backwards… what was done in the dark for decades is coming out into the light…

    Now, if there is good to come out of this so-called boat… then yes, it should be placed into history, that all can see and to observe…

    STOP!!! JUDGING people by the color of their skin… And do some research on your own, It doesn’t matter what our parents told us… or heard about us it doesn’t mean that all information is true!!! I am Native American born with beautiful brown skin… but love all people,,, this world is so, filled with anger, and hate, that it has divided us all!! American is America!! and we can change the facts of that…

    But what we can do is: connect as a Unit… or stand for all fake believes in what American stands for today!!

    Love peace & togetherness… should be the new Mono!! wake up America before its to late..


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