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  1. Loved seeing the Biography of John Asa Rountree. My sons are great nephews of his son, John Asa Rountree II born Aug. 13, 1896 died May 27, 1983. He married Cherokee Jemison Van de Graaff and they had a son John Asa III. His wife later committed suicide and many years later, he married my husband’s Aunt Irma Parks and thus became part of our family. Uncle Asa as he was known was a great story teller and very intelligent man. Of all of my husband’s relatives, he was the one I really always admired and looked forward to seeing at family gatherings. My youngest son was born about 7 months after Uncle Asa passed away and was named Cameron John Asa Rudick for him. John Asa III had two sons Robert and John Asa IV.