1. […] I will here relate a daring deed of Weatherford and Moniac. There was a man by the name of Bowles who came into the Nation and represented himself to the Indians as a British Col. He raised a large body of Indians to go to war against the Spanish. The Spanish authorities at St. Marks, St Augustine, Pensacola and Mobile complained to our Government and expected the Government of the U.S.A. to prohibit Indians residing within her limits to make encroachment upon their territory. Col. Hawkins, the Indian Agent of the U.S.A. was instructed to arrest Bowles. […]

  2. As a volunteer at Uprton House, Warwickshire, England, a National Trust property, at which the famous portrait of Bowles is displayed, and which I give a resume of his life to visitors,there seem to be several accounts of his life, all at variance to one another, at least in details. One has to wonder just what the truth is. For example, was the thrown out of the army or did he leave of his own accord? Was he captured by the Creek indians or did he simply join them?No mention in most accounts does he go the Bahamas, and exactly when did he take to piracy? And how can he be English if he was born in America? The account of him becoming a comedian and a painter seem at odds with his character

  3. BILLY BOWLEGS! Our festival in Fort Walton Beach, Florida every June celebrates Billy Bowlegs! <3

  4. I’d love to know who painted this portrait.

  5. I am descended from a Benjamin Hawkins who fought in the Revolutionary War. I wonder if it is the same Hawkins mentioned here.

    1. Cindy Jennings run it down on Ancestry!

    2. Cindy Jennings This Benjamin Hawkins was once a US Senator, friend of Washington and Jefferson, and chosen by Jefferson to
      “Civilize” the Indians in the SE working out of South Ga. There are some great books on this man check Amazon books . He was a good man but his long effort to teach farming , weaving, etc ended abruptly with the Massacre of Ft Mims and the following Creek Wars of 1813-14. Hawkins was well loved by most Indians except the “Red Sticks” who led the Massacre of Ft Mims .

    3. I have a small portion of Benjamin Hawkins diary. Covering some of the area around Alexander City. It’s copies of the actual pages.

    4. Tom Phillips Yes, I am related to him. I believe during the Revolutionary War he was a French interpreter for Washington. He is buried in Georgia.

    5. Tom Phillips Thank you, I will check Amazon out as far as books on him goes. I would like to read one

    6. Frank Porter I checked out Ancestry- Col Benjamin Hawkins was my 1st cousin 8x removed.

    7. Since Colonel Benjamin Hawkins was your first cousin, eight times removed, you are related to me, Cindy Jennings.

    8. Howard Rankin how are you related to him?

    9. Send me a friend request. I will be able to message you my connection with Benjamin Hawkins.

    10. I will post my connection with Benjamin Hawkins as well.

    11. I just posted Benjamin Hawkins on my timeline.

  6. Good Gravy! What a story! And this hasn’t been made into a movie? That awesome portrait alone could inspire one. Thank you for sharing this story.

    1. Susan Hammond I have actually worked on such a project involving Chief Alexander McGillivray and William Augustus Bowles who knew each other from serving in the British Army in Pensacola during the time of the Revolution.
      The larger story is that of Chief McGillivray and how Bowles tried to steal his role as Chief. The motive was money and the control of the British/Indian trade out of NW Florida at Pensacola and St Marks.
      Bowles was financed by an ex colonial Gov of Va who had a trading Co in the Bahamas. Chief McGillivray was a partner in the huge trading firm of William Panton who had an exclusive trade agreement with Spain which controlled Florida again after 1780.

  7. Charlene Beasley Moore

  8. Kathy Braswell Bowles Adcock

  9. Im sorry….That Is Detective Stabler in a head dress

  10. Some men live more life in one month than the rest of us live in a lifetime …

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