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In his letter written in 1858, T. S. Woodward describes the Native Americans and the two forts seen in the videos below

[T. S. Woodward was an early settler in the state of Alabama and in 1858, he wrote letters to J. J. Hooper, Esq., a…

Patron Past Stories

Pioneer Talladega, Its Minutes and Memories Chapter 11 Indian occupancy – myths about the Battle of Talladega?

PIONEER TALLADEGA, ITS MINUTES AND MEMORIES By Jehu Wellington Vandiver CHAPTER XI INDIAN OCCUPANCY OF TALLADEGA The battle of Talladega, fought between the hostile…

Patron Past Stories

PATRON – Native Americans, The McGillivrays, Weatherford, David Tate and Sam Moniac stories about them written in 1874

EARLY ALABAMA by J. D. DRIESBACH (posted as public story on ancestry.com) (This is a letter from J.D. Dreisbach to Lyman Draper in response…