PATRON + Birmingham, Alabama – the early days (See Vintage Pics & Films)

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  1. That’s the old Terminal Station in the picture. That was one of my earliest memories of Birmingham. I remember the street tunneled under the building.

  2. Someone should rebuild terminal station. It doesn’t have to be a train station. It could be a hotel or anything really.

  3. It is a shame that City Administrators bulldozed this historic building.

  4. The first lot sold at 19th St and 2nd Ave, was that 2nd Ave North or South? What is in that specific location today?

  5. Absolutely love your articles. It’s great to know the history of my home, especially when I live so far away now. Can’t take the Southern out of me no matter where I live. 😀

  6. Happy 184th Birmingham.

  7. If you go back to about 1813 or 15 it would have been called frog Level. And it would have been where the old Elyton School sits today. That was going to get the Jefferson county seat. In 1820 it changed the name to Elyton. The area was an old Indian trading site. They built a courthouse there and William Mudd became the circuit judge there. He was the man who built Arlington.

  8. Located in the “northeaster” part of the state?… Oak Mountain in Bessemer?… Love how they showed the shotgun house neighborhoods… News reel must have been made in New York City.

    1. I think they meant the boys were housed in Bessemer, not that Oak Mtn was there. I agree about “northeastern.” Bad compass?

  9. Is that the old train station that should have never been torn down?

  10. Happy Birthday Birmingham!

  11. Sad the train station is no longer there

  12. My parents were married in the court House……

  13. I still hate that this building was destroyed!

  14. That was only one of the stupid things that Birmingham did!

  15. […] after the settlement of Jones Valley a trace leading from Old Town to Mudd Town, on the Cahaba River, now owned by Rev. John Caldwell, and crossing the Shades Mountain, about a […]

  16. The city leaders who tore down Birmingham’s Train Terminal in tbe 70’s should be shamed forever …

    1. Alex R. Moore City leaders had nothing to do with Train Terminal. Maybe do some research about the Train Terminal. Train Terminal was demolished in 1969. So it is evident you don’t know history

    2. David Harkey Did it just fall down by itself?

    3. Alex R. Moore A total lack of vision seems to be the perfect description of Birmingham’s leaders. Either they start without it or it gets lost immediately. Much like the rest of this state.

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