1. They even made a movie about west Blocton about 5 years ago!

    1. Do u happen to know the name of the movie? I have relatives that lived there.that would b interesting to watch.

    2. Anita Gurganus Williams, it’s called “West Blocton: Small Town, Big Heart.” There’s a Facebook page for it too.

    3. Salve mi piacerebbe sapere il nome del film su west blocton….i miei nonni erano emigrati li nei primi anni del 900 ..io sono andata a west blocton ma è stata una delusione…non c’è nulla che ricordi il passato degli italiani .grazie ssluti Marinella Mazzanti

    4. Potrei sapere il titolo fi quedto film du west blocton grazie

  2. I was born and grew up in Alabama. I loved reading this history of these towns.

  3. Judy Jones, isn’t this your Mother’s hometown?

  4. Yes, she has a sister that lives there now.

    1. I remember going to your grandmother’s house when I was little. They had a pond and there were baby ducks running around it.

  5. Truman Aldrich is given the distinction of being the founder of West Blocton. He purchased a great deal of land for his mining business. Uriah Smith sold him a portion of this property. Smith also owned a large amount of land in the area. He began selling lots of his land as the people prospered. He named this section “West Blocton” . Uriah Smith has been deemed the founder of West Blocton and has many descendants still living in the area.

  6. It’s a great place to live?

  7. Our family’s roots run deep in the coal fields of Bibb County near Piper, Blocton and West Blocton.

    I’m grateful for this informative story, as well as the interesting comments. A big “Thank you” to you all!

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