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PATRON + Can you believe it? No charge for tuition at Auburn!

We found this article posted in the Times Daily, September 12, 1891, Florence, Alabama.

Alabama Polytechnic Institute or A & M. College’s later became Auburn University so the people shown riding bicycles in the “gay nineties”  in this film probably were attending for free. No wonder they looked so happy! Most of the film is from around the 1930s. I wonder how long free tuition lasted.


A & M  College, Auburn, Alabama

The session begins September 16th. The courses of study include the Physical, Chemical and Natural Sciences with their applications: Agriculture, Biology, Mechanics, Mathematics, Engineering (Civil, Mechanical and Electrical) Drawing, English, French, German and Latin languages, History, Political Economy, Mental and Moral Science, and Military Tactics.

There is no charge for tuition. For Catalogue address W. L. Broun, President.

ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS- Pioneers – A Collection of Lost and Forgotten Stories

Some stories include:

  • The Yazoo land fraud;
  • Daily life as an Alabama pioneer;
  • The capture and arrest of Vice-president AaronBurr;
  • The early life of William Barrett Travis in Alabama, the hero of the Alamo;
  • Description of Native Americans of early Alabama including the visit by Tecumseh;
  • Treaties and building the first roads in Alabama.


  1. Was only $100 per quarter when I attended. Late 60s

  2. Likewise the University of Alabama was between 100 and $200 per semester in the late 60s

  3. Susan Foy Spratling