RECIPE WEDNESDAY: Do you still can jam and jelly?

I remember the days when my grandmother and mother would make jelly. It was an all day process but there was always wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen. We also had the best tasting jelly and jam to put on fresh hot, buttered biscuits.  I don’t think I’ve had any jelly or jam that tasted that good since.  Oh to bring back those days……

canning jelly

Photograph from Eating rules – Canning 1010

Here are some canning tips I found in an old cookbook.

  • When making jelly and jam, hang a piece of string over the edges of the glass before pouring in the paraffin. This makes it easier to remove paraffin when opened for table use.
  • A vegetable brush is just the thing to remove scum from jelly or soup.
  • To clean can lids, put lids in a pan. Cover with sweet milk, let stand till clabbered, then take out and wash. They are like new.
  • A little lime kept on shelves where jellies or preserves are stored, will usually prevent the formation of mold.
  • Jam or jelly that is hard or sugary will be like new if you leave it in a warm oven until the sugar softens.

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  1. I still can jams and jellies. Up until 2 years ago, I always had a large garden and canned everything! This past Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I lost everything in a flood (in Oklahoma). I have already picked out a space to have a small garden and have been gathering supplies to can. I think it too important to let this talent die.

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry about your loss. I know it must have been devastating. I’m glad you are still planning to teach this skill to others.

  2. Donna Moseley

    I make fig preserves every year! I also make peach jam! I learned from my mom & my grandmother! I have such fond memories of helping both of them can!

    1. Alabama Pioneers

      Sounds wonderful! I know you will enjoy them on a cold day this winter.

  3. Shannon Hall Jones

    Making scuppernong jelly today

  4. I cheat and use ready-made juice from the store. It makes great grape or apple jelly. I also bought a machine that keeps the jars warm until I’m ready to use them, and then processes the jelly once I’ve filled the jars. Ask me if I’ve used it yet?

  5. Mary Baker

    Yes vegetable soup can tomatoes pear preserves!!yum yum!!

  6. Martha Beasley

    Fig and pear preserves are my favorites but I also make pear honey, peach jam, and pepper jelly.

  7. Jo-Amrah Dillingham

    Cullman County Extension has standing room only for their food preservation classes.

  8. Linda Webb Cleveland

    I miss my mom’s orange marmalade she had the best.

  9. Stephanie Anderson

    Blueberry preserves and pear preserves. Didn’t get to figs this this year.

  10. Venita Chaney

    Mom and I just canned over 100 half pints of blackberry, apple, peach and blueberry jelly. It’s for our granddaughter/ nieces wedding next May. Gifts for those who attend the wedding.

  11. Susan Johnston Wilson

    I used to make grape jelly and peach preserves from fruit my husband & I grew. The grapes were a hybrid I accidently came up with and made the best grape jelly. I won several blue ribbons in the regional fair (I also taught my husband how to make grape jelly and he won a blue ribbon, too). I haven’t put up any kind of jelly, jam or preserves for many years and really miss that.

  12. I do make a point of canning but I prefer to use recipes from this day and age. I know that grandmothers didn’t kill us but today’s modern methods are better. I made corn cob jelly recently and it is delicious.

  13. Laura Roberson

    Sure do! Jams, jellies, tried squash pickles (yum!) Also all kinds of veggies. Bless my mom and grandmom everytime I pull out the canner! I’ve won ribbons several times, even years ago in 4-H.

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