1. But not entirely true. The first settlement in Bessemer was where Fairfax Ave. is now and was called Thompsontown(as shown on map in the book “The families of Genry’s Gap”). It was founded by William Thompson & family. He was awarded the land in reward for his service with Andrew Jackson at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.

  2. Interesting article. I am a descendent of the Sadlers, Parsons and Smiths.

  3. My grandparents & mother were from Jonesboro in Bessemer. John & Mary Ellen Bruce, Marian Bruce Stapleton. They had some acreage up on the hill. Her brother John lived on Fairfax Ave. later. Is there a good book on history of Bessemer?

  4. Is this a discussion about the first white settlements? One family of my ancestors, who were probably Creek, lived in settlements in northwest Alabama before my English and Irish ancestors arrived.