1. Not a lot different from today’s congress.

  2. For my kinfolks, this is E.A. Powell is a brother to our ancestor in Fayette County. Aunt Eve.

  3. “But while this was his position he had no words with which he could adequately express his contempt and loathing of the carpet-bagger and scalawag.” – Sounds like a person that I would really admire.

  4. […] There are occassions when our daily research activities turn into a very focused investigation of an area. Eldridge Alabama is a prime example. Research on Eldridge revealed that the area has many natural springs and travelers would refill their water barrels there. Also, the first state road from the northwest part of Alabama to Tuscaloosa, completed in 1822, passed through the Eldridge area. Additional unconfirmed information states the town of Eldridge took its name from Eldridge Mallard – supposedly the first tollgate keeper on the new state road. Donna R. Causey, writing for http://www.alabamapioneers.com, wrote the following about Mr Eldridge: […]

  5. Most Southerners opposed secession until Abe Lincoln called for 75,000 troops to invade South Carolina …

    1. Rusty Crane not actually cut and dry true, many issues contributed not just this atheist ass.

    2. Frank porter can you please explain?