1. I would have thought it would be Madison County,because the secretary of war for the confederacy was from Huntsville.

  2. Billy, I enjoyed this so much. Mr. Rob Bennett would love it. Each time I went to the bank, he gave me interesting information on the Civil War. Members from Pike & Barbour Co. were part of the Perote Guards. I don’t think we had Bullock Co at that time as we were originally a part of Pike Co.

  3. Always interested to hear of history of Barbour County. Robert Dill and Ben Petty were 3 GGF”s. 2nd Great Grandfather Charles Lewis Petty was a member of the Barbour Greys. 4GGF Charles Lewis appears on many old documents and probably surveyed the land for Clayton.

  4. The Gus Borders mentioned is my Great, Great Grandfather.

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