Photographs of Greensboro Confederate veterans & generals

More old photographs discovered of Confederate veterans. These have been identified.  Sign up for our Daily Email of recent posts at the bottom of this page to ensure you will not miss seeing these photographs.

Pike, Albert Pike Confederate Brigadier-General Q51995Albert Pike (1809-1891) During the Civil War, Pike served as a brigadier-general of the Confederate States Army (photographed by E. and H. T. New York, New York. Q51995

Johnston, Albert Sidney Johnston Q247Johnston, Albert Sidney Johnston (No wartime photograph is known to exist. This image appears to be a retouched to show him in his U. S. Army uniform.) Graduated from West Point, 1826: Black Hawk War and Mexican War veteran. Resigned his U. S. Army commission and was commissioned as a full general in the Confederate Army in August 1861. Major campaigns and battles include Corinth and Shiloh, Johnston died from wounds sustained at Shiloh and is buried in Austin, Texas. Sources: Boatner, Mark M. The Civil War Dictionary New York: Vintage Books, 1988. Davis, William C., ed. The Confederate General. Vol. 3. National Historical Society. 1991 Q247

Stephens, Alexander Hamilton Stephens - Vice President of the Confederacy Q9448Alexander Hamilton Stephens Vice President of the Confederate States of America. After the war, Stephens returned to Georgia and practiced law. Elected to Congress in 1872 and served until elected governor in 1882. Stephens died in Atlanta in March 1883 Q9448 

O'Neal, Alfred Moore O'Neal (1840-1909) Postwar image of O'Neal Q4951 Alfred Moore O’Neal (1840-1909) Postwar image of O’Neal, who had been a captain in Company E of the 1st Confederate Infantry Battalion. From Confederate Veteran Magazine, Volume 18, Number 6, page 87 Q4951

Jones, Allen_C_Jones_Camp_of_the_United_Confederate_Veterans_in_Greensboro_Alabama Q22014 Allen C. Jones Camp of the United Confederate Veterans in Greensboro, Alabama ca. 1910 – First row, left to right (numbers 1 through 11) T. J. Kinnaird; William N. Knight; W. C. Tunstall; R. B. Waller; H. T. Waller; Charles E. Waller; George Nabors; N. B. Jones; R. H. Jackson; A. J. Moore; and S. M. Hosmer. Second row, left to right (numbers 12 throuogh 21): John H. Turpin; H. T. Stringfellow; W. G. Britton; T. J. Crawford; Cud Jones; J. A. Ellerbe; Bell [?] Singley; J. Huggins; W. C. Christian; and John G. Apsey Q22014

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