1. Cody Phillips Angela Phillips Have you ever been to this church?

    1. It was initially called the First Episcopal Methodist Church. The building was owned by the UMC and we, Daphne UMC, were trustees. Actually I was Church Historian for Daphne UMC when we executed a 99 year lease with the City of Daphne for them to preserve and use it as a Museum. There were no nails used in its frame construction, only wood pegs. It has survived numerous Hurricanes and storms with only minor damage from one storm when it was blown off its foundation. If the walls could talk I am sure there would be some very interesting stories the old Church could tell.

    2. That is wonderful. So many old buildings still are being torn down. Thank you for taking care of it. Miss you folks. Hope to get down that way soon. Tom is retiring the end of May!

    3. Miss y’all too. That is great to hear about Tom’s retirement. Come see us.

    4. Cody Phillips Thank you for the additional information and congratulations on your retirement!

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