1. Would love to see the ships log in the basement of the Archives and History Bldg. the story of saving it is history in of itself!

  2. CSS, not USS Alabama.

    1. OOps, big mistake. Thanks for catching it. I can’t change it on this page but I will on the website.

    2. Big OK. We love the page! Keep it going!

    3. No prob…I love this facebook page

  3. Right Rick! Both were awesome!

  4. Why make it where nobody can add pictures?

  5. Don’t they mean The Civil War? 😉

    1. No, the writer meant War Between the States just as he said and if you will look up the term “civil war” in Mr Webster’s antebellum edition dictionary you will understand why the term is not applicable. Webster had to change his definition to fit Yankee propaganda after the fact.

  6. Does NMA’s 4th grade teacher know about this?

  7. Great article,she was designated a raider but she was a true man “O” war

  8. Look Bridget Richardson sugar can save you from a bear

  9. He is a cousin of mine in the family tree – albeit a 3rd cousin.

  10. He is my relative too Betty Copeland. We recently moved to GA and hope to visit Semmes Alabama soon.

    There’s a chapel in the park named Malone Chapel, is it possible to get some background information as Malone is my maiden name.

  11. I do not remember that from my Alabama history class a million yrs ago. Thanks for the post.

  12. Sea Shanty – Roll Alabama, Roll

    When the Alabama’s Keel was Laid, (Roll Alabama, roll!),
    ‘Twas laid in the yard of Jonathan Laird (Roll, roll Alabama, roll!)
    ‘Twas Laid in the yard of Jonathan Laird,
    ’twas laid in the town of Birkenhead.
    Down the Mersey way she rolled then,
    and Liverpool fitted her with guns and men.
    From the western isle she sailed forth, to destroy the commerce of the north.
    To Cherbourg port she sailed one day, for to take her count of prize money.
    Many a sailor laddie saw his doom, when the Kearsarge it hove in view.
    When a ball from the forward pivot that day, shot the Alabama’s stern away.
    Off the three-mile limit in ’64, the Alabama was seen no more.

  13. CSS Florida was a sloop-of-war in the Confederate States Navy. The Florida was built by the British firm of William C. Miller & Sons of Toxteth, Liverpool

  14. “Roll Alabama Roll” !!!!!!

  15. This entire story of the CSS Alabama could make for a wonderful moviemaker like Ridley Scott or Spielberg a hefty pile of doubloons.

    I think Clark Gable should be cast as Confederate agent James Dunwoody Bulloch, if not too late.

  16. The Alabama was the terror of the seas.

  17. Semmes Avenue runs right through Richmond

  18. Friends this is Kinda what I’m writing about

  19. The Admiral Hotel Mobile, Semmes, Alabama, metroplitian Mobile County.

  20. The name Semmes is sometimes spelled Sims in referring to the captain of the Alabama.

  21. For a first hand account read ” Two Years On The Alabama by Arthur Sinclair, Lt. CSN. “

  22. Why is this a noteworthy story?

  23. […] the Alabama Room is at the Hotel de Ville in Geneva, Switzerland. Portraits of Captain Semmes of the Alabama, and Captain Winslow of the USS Kearsarge, the ship that sunk the Alabama are on […]

  24. The US Fleet – all in one.

  25. My brother n laws great,great Grand Dad.

  26. Read about her years ago.
    She was a mighty ship!

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