1. My mother was distantly kin to Ladybird and played with her as a child, in Autauga.

  2. My grandmother was a cousin as well.

  3. My wife is from autauga County and she always share the stories about Ladybird living in Autauga County. Awesome !!!!! A Southern Belle !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Just south of Tuscaloosa is a small community called Taylorville, which I’m fairly sure was named for the same family.

  5. The house where Ladybird lived in Billingsley was originally the home of William Crawford and Julia Mallory (Faulkner) Dickinson (my g-great aunt) My great grandmother played there as a child in the late 1800’s. I have a picture I took when I visited a few years ago, but couldn’t share it in this comment section.

    1. Hi Deena, Email the picture to [email protected] in .jpg format and I’ll add it to the story.

  6. I am from Oxford and had never heard of this part of its history.

  7. Denise Crosby Kelly, Tene waited on Ladybird in the bank.

    1. That would have been something just to have her walk in the bank like anyone else and Tene wait on her.

    2. she didn’t just walk in. The bank had just closed when two men knocked on the door. There was a little lady with them. The manager went to the door and indicated they were closed. Then the men showed badges. The manager let them in, led them to Tene, and asked her to cash a check for Mrs Johnson.

  8. Kevin Bavar is this the house in front of you?

    1. The one in this story? Not picture.

  9. I knew when I read the headline it was Lady Bird Johnson—a marvellous First Lady.

  10. Lady Bird. Spent her summers here. Was cousin of Ms. Nettie Woodyard. Ms. Nettie would go out and visit her after his presidency. Lady Bird has relatives in the Billingsley cemetary. She came to see some repairs they did on the graves with secret service escorting her. Cliff’s family lived in the house up there then. They said it was a sight to see…lol

    1. There is a butterfly garden planted in her honor, isn’t there?

    2. I don’t know about that. There may be. I grew up there but moved from there a couple of decades ago.

  11. Met her when she was on the whistle stop tours campaigning in the 60s

  12. Whoever wrote the article needs to take grammar and spelling 101.

  13. I believe she also spent some time in Burnsville.

    1. I wonder who she visited there, I grew up and was married in Burnsville.

    2. You are my friend, David’s sister!

    3. It was the big house between the church Lott’s store, on same side of road. Faye Wilson lived there for a while.

  14. Lady Bird
    Read a story at maybe 14 ish she stole her Father’s car and drove to Alabama to see her Mothers family here.

  15. Did you know that an actual First Lady also lived in Alabama? Yes, Priscilla Cooper Tyler, served as First Lady for Pres, John Tyler whose wife Letitia was ill and then deceased (1842-1844) When Priscilla’s husband Robert was appointed Confederate Register of the Treasury, the couple moved to Montgomery where they both lived out there lives.

  16. Lady Bird! She is related to me. Her grandmother and my dad’s grandfather were brother and sister.

  17. Lady Bird. Lived in my home town as a child. I drew and painted the historical house her grandmother lived in for present owner

  18. As a Texan for 11.5 years I very much appreciated her wild flower program. If you should drive through Texas in the spring and admire the roadside flowers, thank Lady Bird. I never knew of her Alabama roots.

  19. Yes, she was married to a dangerous president that destroyed the black family nucleus by introducing the entitlement programs after President Kennedy was murdered in 1962. Take an overall view of black families who no longer have a real father in their life. Look at the attitude changes in many black communities today. The democrats under President Johnson’s administration turned many families into government slaves waiting, expecting, and demanding more governmental handouts. Their self-worth and reliance was severely damaged over the course of the next 6 decades. Truly saddening…

    1. Nonsense,that happened when slaves came to America.They were not families to begin with.

    2. Actually, Kennedy was killed in November of 1963. When you are incorrect on basic facts you lose all credibility.

    3. Thank you for the correction, Mark. As for my opinion, you can agree or disagree.
      Nancy, I believe you are totally wrong in your statement. I base my judgement on witnessing real life growing up in Alabama.

    4. I don’t want to get into an argument with you. I just want you to check your facts! Do you know that there are actually more single white women with children than black women! And stop watching Fox News and open your eyes to more than what the white man puts out about the black family! Black families are just as strong and happy church going people as your white families. And I guess you would still like my friends to work 12 hour days for 100 a month! No wonder our Country is run by an idiot now. I’m sure that is who you voted for! Sad for you!

    5. LeAnne, considering black women make up a much smaller portion of the American population, you may possibly be right. But you’re missing the point, as expected from someone with your foolish hatred of Fox news and our President. For some snowflake that doesn’t want to get into an argument, you sure throw a lot of insults. Sad for you. Come back when you grow up and want to talk about reality.

    6. Wow..the democrats and their communist minions just cannot take responsibility for their failures as a party..i think they are the worst threat to the republic ever..i pity the poor,stubid people in a way..

    7. Yes it start with Johnson

    8. Jack Jackson Me to Jack I lived in Alabama …..saw it close up.

  20. I was thinking she died years ago…I had to Google it to confirm lol

  21. Interesting comments……..

  22. Yes, she is a distant family member through my Dallas county forefathers. I think she and my grandmother were cousins.

  23. her husband upped the Vietnam war that President Kennedy did not want to be a part ….the blood of these soldiers that died is on the hands of President Johnson…..and President Johnson did destroy the black families by not allowing the father to live in the home and being married to the women on public welfare. I saw on woman have 4 children by 4 different fathers just for the check….any many more followed her example……

  24. In Alabama before civil rights black men and women owned businesses had homes went to church drove nice cars were families…..after the yanks came down to spit and scream the business disappeared and many families left the south because of this to better places to live and raise their families…Condie Rice can testify to this she was born in Alabama and her father moved his family to Colorado . I past her birth place every time I enter Birmingham Al…..

  25. Thank you…did not know this AL connection

  26. Lady Bird Johnson……without reading this!

  27. Yes, I have read alot about Lady Bird Johnson..

  28. She was commencement speaker in 1976 at University of Alabama.

  29. I knew that accent sounded more Alabama than Texas. I didn’t know she lived her though

  30. The house in Billingsley is in bad disrepair but still standing I’m told

  31. The land we live on was part of her families land.

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