AUTHOR SUNDAY – Do you remember when doctors made house calls like this even for serious emergencies?

He should have stayed home


Shannon Hollon

My maternal GGGrandfather was Charles Monroe Campbell MD (1867-1939) he graduated from the Tennessee Medical College( Vanderbilt University) in 1894. He served communities in Bibb and Tuscaloosa counties for 4 decades.

Charles Monroe Campbell, MD

Shannon Hollon's gr grandfather doctor

Here is one of his stories told to me by my grandmother Pauline Campbell Bearden(1923-2009)

The Midnight Caller

I remember my grandmother telling me once when they were staying in Fosters Alabama during the depression with Dr. Campbell (Pappy and Grandma).Shannon Hollon's gr grandfather doctor bag

They were awakened one night by a black man who lived down the road by the name of John Ed needing Dr. Campbell’s assistance. He had been shot in the backside with buckshot, she remembers Pappy working by kerosene light and hearing the clang of the shot as it was removed and dropped in a pan.Shannon Hollon's gr grandfather doctor pellets

Every time John Ed would grunt and grimace with pain. Pappy would reply with aggregation “Hush Up John Ed this would not have happened if you had been at home where you were supposed to be.”


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  1. My Grandfather, James Mahlon McElroy, MD, a 1901
    Graduate from/of The University of The South in Tenn.,
    ( at that time, the University had a Medical School )..
    Upon graduation, he returned to his home in Cuba,Al..
    then to Attalla, Al ( Etowah County ) where he practiced
    Until his death in 1947…Though he had an office in
    Alabama City, most of his work was performed in the
    homes of his patients. A number of his efforts were paid
    by items ie., Hams, Quilts, Chickens, a Eggs, and/or
    any form of value. There was not much money available
    in those early years of the 1900’s …

  2. Great story about my ancestor! Thanks, Shannon Hollon.

  3. Great job, Shannon, and thank you, for keeping our family history alive.

  4. My Grandfather graduated medical school there about same time or earlier. He practiced in Bullock Co. DIed in 1928 from tb he caught from patient.

  5. Back when doctors were doctors because they liked being doctors and not money grubbing cry babies.

  6. The good doctor may have treated some of my kin in #myhometown. #BibbCountyAL

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