1. Does anyone know if Moses Fields is related to Goulder Fields?

    1. I think Goulder is his Uncle. I am Moses 3x great nephew and Goulder is a 4x Uncle. The Moses who was first born was Greatx3 grandfather Samuel’s son who was born in 1816. Samuel born in 1790 older brother was Goulder Fields of Marshall County.

  2. Does anyone know anymore about the history of Carrollsville? How did it get its name? I’m assuming it was from a family named Carroll. If so, does anyone know anything about this family?

  3. Why has the Jefferson Historical Society named the McAdory, Owen and Sadler families the pioneering families, and you do not include them in this article?

  4. The Jeffderson Historical Society has named the McAdory, Owen and Sadler families the early pioneers, yet you do not include them.

    1. The information in this article is from History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography, Volume 2 By Thomas McAdory Owen, Marie Bankhead Owen – i do not know why they were not included because the authors were from these familes.

  5. I have a great deal of information on Dr. Samuel S. Earle, and his family. He was one of the early physicians in Elyton, Jefferson Co & state representative several terms as early as 1832, and his children/
    grand children were equally interesting – one married William S. Mudd (Arlington), many Civil War – died, survived Yankee prison camps; Mortimer Jordan, Thomas Farrar, etc connections… on down to the
    Montgomery’s and the Mungers later…

  6. Thank you for all the information about Alabama. I was raised in Birmingham Alabama in the 30’s and until I was married and moved away but my heart is still there in my old age.

  7. This short video states that the demolition of Birmingham Terminal took place in 1929 !?! It was 1969 !

  8. Love reading about things that happened in Alabama in the early days of our state.

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