1. […] if you take in to account that three of the last nine finalists on American Idol this year, Robert Dexter, Jessica Meuse, and C. J. Harris, all live within 150 miles of each other in Alabama. That is […]

  2. […] Fayette County, Alabama was created by the legislature December 20, 1824. Its territory was originally a part of Tuscaloosa and Marion Counties. It lost its western section with the formation, February 4, 1867, of Jones County, the name of which was changed first to Sanford, and still later, to Lamar. Its area was 643 square miles or 411,520 acres. […]

  3. Such a great honor for the city to be named after Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch-Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette . His name is indeed a mouthful ! I suggest you to write an artile about this great military leader

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