1. This is a little bit of a Lost Cause slant. Yes Sherman did pass through Jackson County, crossing the river at Bridgeport or Stevenson(not sure which of top of my head). He was on his way to assist Grant in Chattanooga to break the Confederate siege in that town. After breaking the siege then Sherman and his now much larger army would begin the Atlanta Campaign. During this time Sherman was supplied out of Nashville and his total war and his “bummer brigades” were not used until after the capture of Atlanta. It was Sherman’s march to the sea where the more total war tactics where used. While I’m sure army after army flooding through the area was devastating to the civilian population. I’ve not heard of any other major destruction in the area with the exception of Guntersville in Marshall county.

    1. Northern Alabama was also Unionist. I stopped reading when it called them Northern invaders. The 1st Alabama Cavalry U.S Volunteers was Sherman’s personal escort to the sea

  2. Sherman was a sorry low-life excuse of a human being. He should have been prosecuted for war crimes.

  3. They should have either shot or hung his sorry A$$ then and there. That way his War Crimes that he constantly commited would have stopped prior to Chatanooga or Atlanta.

  4. Interesting idea but post poorly done

  5. Sherman was probably the most evil man to ever set foot in Jackson County.

  6. Isn’t the same trusseled river crossing rebuilt on these very pillons today??

  7. Poorly written article. Don’t think Sherman was ever in Decatur, and Decatur is not in Jackson County. What town did Sherman supposedly “winter” in? Yes, part of Sherman’s army occupied Bridgeport and Scottsboro to control river and rail transportation, but the citizens of Jackson County suffered no where near the devastation that Atlantans did. In fact Jackson County residents often hosted dances attended by Union soldiers during the war.

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