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Have you seen the glowworms at Dismals Canyon in Phil Campbell, Alabama? Spring is the best time

Dismals Canyon in Phil Campbell, Franklin County, Alabama holds much history as well as much naturally pristine beauty. From being a hideout for outlaws like Jessie James and Vice-President Aaron Burr after he killed Secretary-Treasurer Alexander Hamilton to the place where Chickasaw Indians were held captive before embarking on a forced journey along the Trail of Tears, the beautiful privately-owned park is also the home of unique glow worms that are only found in Australia, New Zealand and in the Appalachian Mountains and Cumberland Plateau, primarily in the states of Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia The canyon is home to two waterfalls, Secret Falls and Rainbow Falls, and six natural bridges.

The place time forgot

Dismals Canyon is an 85-acre, privately-owned park that is located in the town of Phil Campbell in the northwestern part of Franklin County, Alabama. The Canyon is a Registered National Landmark and has been voted one of the country’s most secluded and beautiful areas.

It is a place that time forgot with pristine forests and pure, clear water. Artifacts from the earliest known American Indians have been found that date back ten thousand years.Dismal falls

The isolation of the region has protected it over the years. It was a chosen hideout for bandits and outlaws and even Vice-President Aaron Burr after he shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

Dismalites light up the canyon walls at night

At night, the canyon walls glow with thousands of tiny blue lights. The lights are actually glow worms called fungus gnats. Other insects are attracted to the lights and get caught up in the web of Dismalites.

Dismalites from Dismals Canyon’s Website


The dismalities are only found in Australia, New Zealand and in Dismals Canyon in North Alabama. Night tours are conducted to view the Dismalites.

The glowworms are visible throughout he spring and summer months, but the best time of year is May through June.philcampbell_al

Dismals Canyon offers romantic cabins, secluded campsites, hiking, waterfalls, a country store and much more. Since it is privately-owned, there is an admission charge to enter the park.

Here is another video on the canyon by MyFoxAL –


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  1. I spent a few days working in that area as a land surveyor. It’s a beautiful area but tough on a surveyor.

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    1. Click on this link to the Dismal Canyons website within the story. It has the hours and fees.

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  25. Many, many years ago. It is a beautiful place. For those that remember treks in the woods from their childhood, will really enjoy this. A unique place.

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