1. Whitney Romeo

    I’m thinking maybe Loveman’s department store???

  2. My Mother, who is 94 and myself often wonder when talking about the internet or modern modes of transport how her parents and their siblings would react if they were to come back for a day. Born at the end of WWII in Europe, I have seen such changes in my life time as a UK and mainland Europe was re-built as well as how towns and Cities in the US have been re-modelled. But that is the way of time, we are only on earth for a short time and all want to make life easier to live. I just wish we could live in flash backs like we have in Movies to live in those days gone by for a day or two.

  3. Cathy Lynn McBride

    Parisians? I think they started in Birmingham, just don’t know the year.

  4. Cathy Lynn McBride

    It was probably one of these. Parisians opened in the 1870’s and Lovemans in the 1880’s.

  5. I would guess Lovemans. I admire this man. He was old-school then and I am now. I wonder what he would think about both genders using the same restrooms. If I caught a male going into a public restroom my wife was in it would be a sad day for him.

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