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Biography: Allen Nabors born ca. 1780





Rev. Allen Nabors was probably a brother or cousin of Arthur and Abraham Nabors who traveled with them to Shelby County, Alabama. Allen married Ann Moore and they had several children before he died in ca. 1850 in Shelby County, Alabama. Blassingame Nabors was the executor of Allen’s estate.

The known children of Allen and Ann (Moore) Nabors according to Shelby County Court records were:

  1. Eliza Nabors born ca. 1828 prob. Shelby County, Alabama She was married in 1854 to M. L. Beeler or M. L. Bailey
  2. James M. Nabors born ca. 1829 prob. In Shelby Co., Alabama He married his Jane H. Nabors September 22, 1852 in Shelby County. He died March 8, 1893 in St. Clair County, Alabama.
  3. David A. Nabors born ca. 1830 prob. In Shelby County. He may have moved to Mississippi to live with his aunt Druscilla Nabors McNeer.
  4. Sarah A. Nabors born ca. 1832 Shelby county, Alabama. She married _____ Lee
  5. Hugh Nabors born ca. 1836 Shelby County, Alabama
  6. William M. Nabors born 1841 Shelby County, Alabama. He married Lottie

*Note Blassingame H. Nabors is listed as a minor heir in one court record. He may have been Hugh Nabors above or a grandchild.


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  1. Part of my family tree.
    My grandmother’s maiden name was Nabors from Shelby and Sylacauga

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