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PATRON – BIOGRAPHY: John Dandridge Bibb born March 10, 1788

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Biography and Genealogy

(1788- 1848)

Morgan and Montgomery County, Alabama

John Dandridge Bibb was born in Prince Edward County, Virginia, March 10, 1788, to  William Bibb and Sally Wyatt.  John Dandridge Bibb became a lawyer, legislator, judge and planter. He was known as an orator and gave the welcome to LaFayette when he visited Alabama.

He was the brother of the first two governors of Alabama. William Wyatt Bibb and Thomas Bibb, Rev. Peyton Bibb and Benajah Smith Bibb. He studied law in the office of Judge William H. Crawford, of Georgia, and later entered into a partnership with him. He removed to Madison County, Mississippi Territory, in 1814, where he became a planter. In 1818, he removed to Montgomery, where he was judge of the territorial court, a member of the constitutional convention of 1819, and State senator from Montgomery County, in 1822. He then located above Decatur, in Morgan County, Alabama, later returned to Montgomery, and finally settled on his  plantation on the Yazoo River, Carroll Parish, Mississippi.

His wife, Mary Xenia Oliver, was born in Peters Virginia, 18 September 1799. They were married May 6, 1812, at Petersburg, Georgia. She was the  daughter of John and Frances (Thompson) Oliver, the former a native of near Petersburg, Va., who moved to Petersburg, Elbert County, Ga., where he became an extensive planter and merchant and who owned the point of land from which plied a ferry to both the South Carolina and Georgia side; granddaughter of Dionysius and Mary Ann (Winfrey) Oliver, the former a native of Petersburg, Va., who removed to Broad River settlement, Georgia., when he served in the Revolution as captain of a privateer, was with General Lincoln at the sieges of Savannah and Augusta, in the battles of King’s Mountain and Kettle Creek, in Wilkes County. He was captured by the British but became a most successful planter, and slave holder.

Mary Xenia was also the granddaughter of William and Mary (Wells) Thompson, the former a native of Chesterfield County, Va.; great-granddaughter of Valentine Winfrey, of Virginia, of Thomas and Mary (McCartie) Oliver, of York County, Va., who sometime before the Revolution removed to Petersburg, Va., and of Thomas and Mary Wells, the former a native of Bristol Parish, Chesterfield County, Va., of Robert Thompson, who married twice, his second wife being Sarah Farley, and who accumulated great wealth and is thought to have been a goldsmith; great-great-granddaughter of John Oliver of York County, Ga., of Florance and Mary (Wright) McCartie, of York County, Va., the former son or nephew of Dennis McCartie, the Irish immigrant, who was a lawyer of Virginia, of Robert and Elizabeth (Stewart) Thompson, the former a goldsmith and planter of Henrico County, Va., and of Thomas and Grace Wells, the former a planter of Chesterfield County, Va., and holder of several land grants of Virginia; great-great-great-granddaughter of Dionysius Wright, justice of James County., Va., in 1702.

John Dandridge died on the Yazoo river in Carroll County, Mississippi, May 9, 1848; and Mary Xenia died in the same county October 13, 1846.

They had 14 children, but only 5 lived to be grown up – known children include:

  1. Elvira Antoinette Bibb who was born in Madison County, (then Mississippi Territory) September 1814, married Dr. Samuel Booth Malone (a surgeon on board the Vincennes, when she sailed around the world), April 2, 1833, and died February 24, 1839. (Doctor Samuel Booth Malone of Columbus, Mississippi, married the daughter of John Dandridge Bibb, god-child of Lady Washington, who at her request was named for her brother.) They lived in Columbus, Miss , and had 3 children. – Ellen, who married William Gibson and died in Matagorda, Texas, about 1864. – Selwyn B., who was killed at the second battle of Manassas, and Antoinette B., who married Alfred Glover, of Alabama. They had several children.
  2. William Crawford Bibb, son of John Dandridge, was born in Montgomery County, Ala, 1st January, 1820, and married Priscilla A. Sims , of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 11th May, 1842. Their children were: Cornelia D., who married Vernon H. Vaughn 4th October 1860, and had (1876) four children. Vernon H., Mary P., Joseph and Anna. They resided in San Francisco. John Dandridge, who married Eusebia Foreman, and Mary Frances , who married Charles H. Leffler, in 1867; and had two children, Charles D. and Mary. His first wife having died in 1842, Mr. William C. Bibb, in 1853, married Rebecca Lanier Harris, daughter of Gen. Jeptha Harris. The issue of this second marriage was William C. Bibb, Jr., born in Montgomery County, Ala., 27th February 1854 – and Sallie Hunt Bibb, who married Oscar Thomason in 1876 , and 2nd of August, 1886 , Dr. Cornelius Hardy, of Columbus, Miss. William C. Bibb and family lived in Montgomery, Ala.
  3. Dandridge Asbury Bibb doctor of medicine, son of John Dandridge Bibb, was born in Morgan County, Ala., 10th November, 1827, and died in 1861; leaving two children, Laura E. and Dandridge A. Bibb.
  4. Algernon Sidney Bibb, son of John Dandridge Bibb, was born in Morgan County, 4th January, 1829, and married Mary E. Carraway in 1841, by whom he had two children; Mary Katharine who married Mr. Van Lyttle, and Charles C. Bibb. The wife of Algernon Sidney, having died, he married Miss Hoad, of Murfreesboro, Tenn., in 1876, and lived in Phillips County, Ark. They had two children, Thomas and Anna.
  5. Laura Angerone Bibb, daughter of John Dandridge, was born at Columbus, Miss., 19th October, 1833; married Henry L. Rogers in 1852, and died in Tuskegee, Ala., in 1866, leaving several children. Wife and husband died before 1899.
  6. Charles Sidney Bibb
  7. Sarah Frances Bibb
  8.  Mary Dandridge Bibb
  9.  Edwin Augustus Bibb
  10. Mary Cornelia Bibb


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