1. I was born in Tarrant City, AL on March 21, 1930 and have lived in a number of places in Alabama until I moved to Fort Walton Beach, FL in 1984 and retired from U S Government service in 1993. I enjoy all your writings and musings and I found you through Val Moreland from Facebook. I majored in History and what is now UNA but in 1949 It was FSTC

  2. Don’t miss this Bama fans. RTR Be sure to watch the video. I remember when the Old Tavern was on Broad Street close to the Copeland’s home.

  3. I have a painting of the Old Tavern..

  4. […] filling up the place. The effort to move up the road met with very strong opposition. The old tavern at the river struggled hard to hold its supremacy. But it would not do, the town would go up the […]

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