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Monday Musings: Do you know anything about these photographs?

While browsing the Alabama State Archives, I have frequently run across some really interesting old photographs of Alabamians with absolutely no information about them. I always thought it was a shame that some family tried to save the photo for posterity by giving it to the Archives, but it is sad that we do not know the names.

Since we have so many readers around the world, I decided to publish a few of the really old ones on the website from time to time and perhaps someone will be able to identify the people in them or at least we can all enjoy looking at them. They provide an interesting glimpse of Alabama’s past.

If you have information, please share it in the Reply section below and be sure to identify the photograph (i.e. File #, File #) in your response.  You can also click on the link at the top to reach the actual Archives photograph and provide any information you have directly to them.

 Peter J. Hamilton photographs ca 1890- File Q8945Family_and_servants_on_the_front_porch_of_a_house

Boarders of Hamilton Hall at Southern University in Greensboro, Alabama ca. 1898 Q4320Boarders_of_Hamilton_Hall_at_Southern_University_in_Greensboro_Alabama

Scene at White Rock, Hamilton, Alabama – postcard  dated May 15, 1908

File #Q8688size

Students in a farm mechanics class at an agricultural school in Hamilton, Alabama ca. 1900 – File # Q5534Students_in_a_farm_mechanics_class_at_an_agricultural_school_in_Hamilton_Alabama

This one appears to be taken in Cinncinatti, Ohio at a bookmobile ca. 1920s? Seems out of place in Alabama

Adults browsing at a bookmobile for Cincinnati and Hamilton County in Ohio Q3975Adults_browsing_at_a_bookmobile_for_Cincinnati_and_Hamilton_County_in_Ohio

This last photograph is clearly identified but I thought family members might enjoy seeing it since it is so old (ca. 1890) and in case they were not aware of it. Janie Smith (Mrs. Ed Barrett) of Birmingham, Claudia Lewis (Mrs. William Joseph Orum) of Montgomery, Jim Bullock of Montgomery, and Mr. Lugenheal [?] of Montgomery Q5325Janie_Smith_Mrs_Ed_Barrett_of_Birmingham_Claudia_Lewis_Mrs_William_Joseph_Orum_of_Montgomery_Jim_Bullock_of_Montgomery_and_Mr_Lugenheal_


History of Alabama: And Incidentally of Georgia and Mississippi from the Earliest Period Vol I by Albert J. Pickett


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  1. Teresa Palmer-Kelsoe

    Some of these are from Hamilton Alabama.

  2. I have a question. Why are no black people featured in any of the articles? Black people played a huge role in the history of Alabama!!!!! I only see the odd face with no mention of who they were !!!! Please include black people as part of the history of Alabama.!! Thank you !!!

  3. I did a quick research of the Peter J. Hamilton photograph and possibly came up with some correct information concerning the Hamiltons and the servants in the photograph. The man seated on the porch is Peter J. Hamilton a Mobile lawyer. I believe the photo is more in date with 1900. On the 1900 census Peter J. Hamilton is 41 years old. His wife Rachel B. is 30 years old they have two daughters, Rachel D. who is 1 year old and Anna C. who is three years old. The census mentions two servants who live with them. Matthew Madison 36 years old, servant and Mary Boykin who is 50 years old, servant.
    This information seems to fit the photograph pretty well, keeping in mind that at times exact ages can vary from year to year by a few years. Done at the error or mistake of the census taker or the memory of the person giving the information. The U.S. Census information I found seems to fit the photograph.

  4. Teresa Balentine Breedlove

    Once an old photo was found labeled on the back as “the gang last Sunday”.

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