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Chinaberries and Other Memories of Alabama

Jean Butterworth was one of our first contributing authors and has submitted many great stories over the years. Read more about Jean and all her stories on Alabama Pioneers here

Do you remember 4-H clubs? Eight-party lines? Fashion in the 1950s? Going to school during World War II?
In this collection of Alabama memories, Jean Butterworth takes readers on a nostalgic journey through growing up in Alabama during the Great Depression, World War II, and beyond. She pays homage to a time before the Internet, cell phones, and all of the distractions of modern life.
Readers of all ages will enjoy taking a step back in time and preserving these memories, which, like Chinaberry trees, may soon be hard to come by.

Chinaberries jean butterworth

Mobile Confederates From Shiloh to Spanish Fort: The Story of the 21st Alabama Infantry Volunteers

Art Green has many books available on Amazon Read more about Arthur “Art” Green, his stories and his books by clicking here.


University United Methodist Church, Kansas City, Kansas, Records, 1919-2009, Members, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, Ministers

Lavone Johnson Anglen is an experienced genealogist. Read more about Lavone and her stories and books by clicking here.


Channahatchee, Alabama 1858: 6 young orphans are brought from Georgia to central Alabama as the Civil War looms upon the nation

Raymond E. Hall has several books about Alabama. Read more about Raymond and his stories and books by clicking here.


Bibb County (Images of America: Alabama)

Vicky Clemmons is co-author of a book on Bibb County, Alabama. Read more about Vicky, her stories and her books by clicking here.


Between the Cracks: One Woman’s Journey from Sicily to America 

Carmela Cattuti is a contributing author on www.daysgoneby.me Read more about Carmela, her stories, and her books by clicking here

Join Angela Lanza as she experiences the tumultuous world of early 20th century Sicily and New York. Orphaned by the earthquake and powerful eruption of Mt. Etna in 1908, Angela is raised in the strict confines of an Italian convent.


Fractured Memories: A story of tolerance, integrity, and talents

Carolyn Rebholz is a contributing author on www.daysgoneby.me. Read more about Carolyn, her stories, and her books by clicking here

Albert John Berge was an affable, honest, and hardworking man. He had a way with animals and with the crops he grew on his farm in eastern North Dakota. He also had an uncanny talent for reading the weather and an innate genius for mechanical issues. But AJ harbored mysterious secrets.


Whispering Oaks

Christie Seiler is a contributing author on www.daysgoneby.me.  Read more about Christie, her stories, and all her books by clicking here


The Dragonfly Years

Francine Larson is a contributing author on www.daysgoneby.me.  Read more about Francine, her stories, and all her books by clicking here

Francine writes about “Success and satisfaction while sailing through the senior years” in The Dragonfly Years.


Good Guys, Bad Guys, and Sidekicks in Western Movies: From the 1930’s Through the 1960’s

Gary Koca is a contributing author on www.daysgoneby.me.  Read more about Gary, his stories, and all his books by clicking here

Westerns were a huge part of movies during the silent movie era and even more so beginning in the late 1930’s through the 1960’s. Westerns developed such great stars as John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and Randolph Scott, and were instrumental in the careers of movie luminaries like James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Alan Ladd, Glenn Ford, and Clint Eastwood


World Democracy: through a global referendum

Jim Stark is a contributing author on www.daysgoneby.me.  Read more about Jim, his stories, and all his books by clicking here

For those who want democracy established worldwide, it would be a fairly simple matter to conduct a global referendum, using the Internet. The Internet-based referendum has already begun.


Caught in the Crossfire: The Unjust Degradation of a Highly Decorated Military Officer

Levonda Joey Selph is a contributing author on www.daysgoneby.me.  Read more about Levonda, her stories, and all her books by clicking here

Caught in the Crossfire is the true story about a woman who dedicated her life to the country she loved more than herself–the United States of America. Having devoted 30 years in the military and becoming a highly decorated officer in the U.S. Army, Levonda Joey Selph’s life came crashing down one morning when a group of men in suits came to her home and began a frightening interrogation marathon with accusations of things about which she had no idea.



This is one of my (Donna R. Causey) best-selling from my large collection of our historical, genealogy and historical fiction books available on Amazon.com. Book sales support Alabama Pioneers. –  See all my books at this link.

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