1. This is a wonderful site & much appreciated, Thank you!

  2. Mark Rickard, is this your family mill?

  3. My Grandmother talked of going to the mill.

  4. Remember going to the mill and having cornmeal ground.

    1. That’s why our meals tasted so good back then. Everything was so fresh.

  5. I had a friend who told the story of taking corn to the mill for his dad . He said it was so exciting because his dad finally said he was old enough to be responsible enough to take some of the chores for the family ! The corn was taken to the grist mill to be made onto corn meal which was a necessity for their large family . When he got home safely his dad asked how he “made out” at the mill . He told his dad that he saw the miller steal cans of corn but when he turned around I got it back ! This was the toll charges for grinding the corn ! LOL

  6. Earnie, call you remember going to Ford’s mill. Of coarse you wasn’t raised on a farm, but you could have ventured off down there anyway.
    Trying to think of the one armed man’s name that ran the mill. Can you remember. WIG

  7. Funny how the posted photo of the old mill in Mtn. Brook, AL… It was never a working mill… LOL

  8. Aunt Ann Howle, did the Beasons have a mill?

  9. Yes, Beason’s mill. On the road to Charlie’s.

  10. I could walk to Rikards mill from my home when I grew it was called Water Mill Hill.

  11. I think I worked here when it was being restored a few years back.

  12. I have been to Rikard’s Mill and had a great time!

  13. The mill in this picture was never a working mill. A picturesque landmark near Birmingham though.

    1. True. I trapped beaver out of that creek. Not a working mill just decoration. Caught the biggest beaver of my career just to the right, downstream, of the bridge.

  14. The best grits I’ve ever had was purchased from Rikard’s Mill.

  15. My family had a Grist Mill in Conecuh Called Wells Mill, they even have a road there called Wells road where the pond is, people use to be baptisted in the pond at the Wells mill pond.

    1. Your cousin, Mildred was baptized there. The mill was gone when I came along in the late 1930’s but my sister remembers it. There was a country general store connected to the mill.

    2. I hoping by posting this maybe someone will remember it, or has a picture of it.

    3. I know right,it would be wonderful to see a picture of the place of somebody has one, or of James Wells.

    4. That would be absolutely fantastic!!

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