1. […] a few miles of this solitary woman, (in the area of present day Montgomery, Alabama – see Milly of Montgomery story) lived William Gregory, a native of one of the States, who had resided for years among the Indians. […]

  2. […] city of Montgomery, then an Indian town called Econchate. Passing by the residence of “Old Milly,” who, as we have seen, lived upon the creek in Montgomery county, which still bears her […]

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  4. I love the information that you provide here it’s amazing.

    1. Thank you, Linda. There are some many unknown stories about the history of Alabama.

    2. I’m sure there is. as my nowling and nelson ancestors first settled there in the 1800’s I know there is.

  5. Milly’s Creek passes under I-85 just east of Montgomery where the new outer loop is being built.

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  8. Loved this! I know where two of these Indian villages were!

    1. ^ I’m keeping a watch out for you stan no hope arrow head poaching types. LOL.

    2. I.E. See: History of Alabama And Incidentally Of Georgia And Mississippi From The Earliest Period By Albert James Pickett. For those of you near montgomery it is available at Capital Book and News. Giving out this information will probably get me blocked by this page’s administrator.

    3. Hey M.C. You know I love Stanhope but that was an inside joke of what we called it when there as a kid. After leaving SEHS I piddled for a year or so and then got ill. Since then I have been dealing with a health issue that has caused me to have to retire. I’m still able to kick around but have had to slow down a notch or two. Spent the first while of it mad and in denial but as made obvious that didn’t work. As told to me “getting old aint for sissies so get over it and deal with it.” Hope you all are doing well and going strong. I enjoy this site but sometimes they take liberties and inject personal opinions in a suttle manner of course. That’s the old codger historian in me coming out.

    4. Robert, you are not banned for mentioning the book. That is why I always try to include the source. The book is 770 pages and written by Historian Albert James Pickett. I’m trying to share some of the wonderful stories about Alabama that many people did not know about on the website. You can also purchase the book online at Amazon at this link. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1161656464/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=1161656464&linkCode=as2&tag=alabapione-20&linkId=Y2WFM3B2CDZ6L55Q

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  10. By the way, The Alabama Pioneers is a FREE ON LINE publication , All you have to do is to sign on,. I sure do enjoy reading the articles.

  11. I am confused when I read more it states she is an Indian!

  12. So so interesting! Love it!

  13. can you get informtion on family that lived in montgromery ala in the 1800 .

    1. You might try checking with the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

  14. I dearly love Alabama history.Thanks for posting.

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  17. These stories always remind me of my teacher reading to our class from Pickett’ s history. I wish I could remember her name! Robert E. Lee Elementary, Birmingham, CA 1952-53.

  18. i love alabama pioneers…iv’e been a lifelong resident 50+ years and iv’e never heard of some of these stories very cool

    1. I’m glad you enjoy the stories.

  19. I love reading and researching old history of alabama this site is awesome

    1. Thank you for your comment. We enjoy finding interesting stories about Alabama history and sharing.

  20. I’ve been searching for info on my family who were part Native American and moved to Montgomery Co around 1830.

  21. Thank for sharing. Very informative.

  22. Temperance “Tempy” Ellis was my 5x Great Aunt, sister of my 5x G-GF Levin Ellis.

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  24. So It’s always been a rough neighborhood…

  25. […] red people, and finally settled upon a creek well known to us all, and which still bears her name. “Old Milly” and Mordacai lived many years close neighbors in this savage land. She married an Indian and owned […]

  26. […] Tavern, Montgomery County; Same as Milly’s Tavern, Milly later married this […]