1. It wasn’t difficult for Andrew Jackson who made it look like he had a personal jet plane with his band of merry men.

  2. Unless you know that Natchez was renamed to the Town of Mobile and that the Town of Mobile was also called Florida because of the Pensacola Mound which sits on top of Cedar Creek which drains from Indian Graves Creek or Springs.

  3. We were always told that the Puckett house in Carrollton was a stagecoach stop but it wasn’t listed. The house was built in 1834 by Dabney Puckett and still stands. It has been in the Puckett family since then. It is coming up for sale.

  4. Unless you know that Anne Royale created the fairy tale known as the Creek War and that other one called the Battle of New Orleans.

  5. Unless you know that Anne Royale aka N.B. Wrote Paul Pryor who in turn wrote General Putnam who in turn wrote the original Life of Jackson

    Eaton was a famous man – both of them.

    Anne Royale used both as pen names when she wrote under one and penned later editions of the Life of Jackson and when she penned the Sam Dale story.

    Never mind her stories of her husband William Wearherford and let us it forget her son-in-law Davey Crocket who she wrote as perished at that church at the Alamo which resembles the really old Spanish Mission which was removed in recent years from Highway 43 in Mobile Alabama near the DuPont and Ball Properties.

  6. Davis McGee, who lived in Plantersville (died 1855) is said to have operated a stagecoach inn at Plantersville – http://www.alagenealogy.com/Historical%20Information%20pages/Short%20History%20of%20Plantersville,%20Alabama.htm

  7. Pope’s tavern in Florence

  8. I didn’t see The Old Stagecoach Inn in Pickensville listed. It’s still standing.

  9. Excellent research of an interesting subject. Just think about the road between Tuscaloosa and Coosada in those days.

  10. I was under the impression that in Stockton, Baldwin Co., the Stagecoach Inn on the Old Federal Road (now a restaurant) had been a traveler’s stop.

  11. (12/2018)
    2 reputed Pickens County Stagecoach Stops (still Standing) not listed and worthy of research *don’t know their names

    > Friendship Community … North of Reform AL just off hwy 17
    > located near Gordo AL … just off hwy 82

  12. Is anyone aware of a similar listing for the state of Mississippi?

  13. Do you have information on the one in Mentone Al that burned?

  14. The Anderson stage coach stop is still standing near Old Texas, AL in Monroe county.

    1. So true. It’s an 1818 structure and I WISH to heck the owner’s would let it go to a historical group that would preserve it! Make me both sad and angry!

  15. I find it hard to believe it does not have any mentions of Pope’s tavern in Florence. Is still standing.

  16. Remember this one when I lived down there. Good history.

  17. Moore-Hill House, Jackson’s Military Road, near Sulligent, AL, Lamar County http://fayette.net/Carruth/stagecoachinn.htm

  18. To this day stands an identical house to this one in Choccolocco Al.

  19. Seems like the majority are south of Bham. There may be one in St Clair County, Springville, CR 23 (St Clair Springs)

  20. My Ansley family owns an old stagecoach depo on west st in Talladega. Beautifully restored.

  21. Can only imagine the work that came with stoking four fireplaces to keep the drafty thing livable in the winter time.

  22. “We’ll leave the lantern burning for you “

  23. I do know of a house in lower Tennessee.

  24. Now imagine being black !

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