1. […] President Woodrow Wilson said these historic words at a speech in Mobile, Alabama on October 27, 1913 and we have over 100-year-old film footage of his visit to Mobile. […]

  2. I am only 68, but I remember a lot of these places. A lot are still around. My Maternal Grandfather died in City Hospital of cancer.

  3. […] with an Englishman by the name of William N. Thompson, visited Claiborne. Thompson was going to Mobile on horse-back, and I remained at Claiborne until he returned; I spent much of that time in company […]

  4. I grew up in Mobile in the 60’s and 70’s. I have had the opportunity to take the bus as a kid to Bienvile Squar during Mardi Gra to sell festive items out of a box tied around my neck. Stay in the wouneedful Battle House Hotel in the 70’s and after it was refurbished in 2014. Help restore the Episcopal Church downtown Government St. Been in Mardi Gra parade, fished the Delta as a teen and took dancing lessons at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio Downtown. Enjoyed movies at the Mobile Downtown Thearter, swam in Spring Hill Colleges spring fed pool naked as a boy. Had my first love, first beer, first car and lost my dad all in Mobile. Mobile will always have a fond place in my heart. Kim Bolt

  5. Love these old pictures and of the city I now live in.

  6. It so drives me up the wall to hear Mobile mispronounced in the media. Last week a movie (wish I could remember the name) and a CBS sports announcer pronouced it like they were describing things that can move – no, no, no, it’s Mo- beel.

    1. I love “Mo-beel, and have had to correct it’s pronunciation in addition to singing its praises. I graduated from nursing college there where I was prepared to walk into any situation and proactively set the pace. Still go sit in Bienville Square and feed pants and popcorn to the squirrels and pigeons that would sit in my lap or perch on my head hands and arms.

  7. In the pics of downtown you many of the buildings had balconies and porches…protection from the summer sun and afternoon thunder showers.

  8. I had 3-4 generations who were born and lived there lives in Mobile. The Lanes , Busby’s, Street’s, Evan’ and DeMouy’s. Most worked in the Mobile Mill. My greatgrandmother ran the mill store.l remember playing inside near the post office. GGpa DeMouy worked in the hardware and all the old timers sat by the wood stove and played checkers.

  9. Love my city, Mobile, AL, past and present.

  10. My great great great grandmother, from Spain, had to have permission to get married in mobile.

  11. […] you looking for a great place to stay for the Mardis Gras in Mobile, Alabama? Check out the historic Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & […]

  12. I live in Mobile and we always enjoy the Mardi Gras season.

  13. We enjoyed Marti Gras when we lived and worked down there!

  14. I am a 6th generational Mobilian and proud of our old city. Loved the photos. Thank you !

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them! Donna

  15. I really enjoyed these old photos! I’m a native of Detroit and have been living here in Mobile for upwards of fifteen years now. I’ve come to love Mobile as my home and want to learn as much as possible about the history of this lovely city. I just purchased the first of the Tapestry of Love series and can hardly wait to start reading!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them and welcome to Alabama. I hope you enjoy the series.

  16. “No need to wonder,
    where you should go
    it’s on the Gulf of Mexico
    It’s a honeysuckle heaven,
    by the name of Mobile”.

  17. Thanks for the vintage pictures and information of my beloved Mobile!

  18. I know that I have written before but would like you to know that I was born in Mobile and lived there until i was twelve. Mom remarried and our stepfather move us to
    Mississippi. I will always call Mobile home and I visit as often as I can. I love ❤️ Mobile!!!!

  19. My grandmother on my fathers side was once the chief housekeeper of the City Hospital. Love these pictures. At 70, so many of these places were still there as I walked these streets with my mom and grandmother. Three Sisters for Easter dresses, Morrisons for lunch. At 19 , going to Battle House for gumbo on payday.

  20. Anyone have any pictures of the old Grand View Park, near the dog river bridge?

    1. Harry Bates Thank you for this link. I enjoyed reading the article and looking at the pictures.

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