PATRON + No other place in the United States has street names like those in the city of Mobile, Alabama

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jane Taylor Kelly.

  2. Well, probably not much longer. Lets pray our coastal jewel does not suffer the vile infection rampaging in New Orleans right now.

    1. I agree, let’s leave our monuments, street names and park names alone! It’s history!

  3. I no longer live in Mobile Alabama. It has a special place in my hart. I still have family and friends that lives there. I love to visit when I can.
    So I like to share this and other articles on Facebook. I am getting into history of late. The older I get I see how important it is.

  4. There are a few French street names in New Orleans that are similar or the same as in Mobile .
    The trend in many cities now, is to rename them ( especially if they are Southern or CSA military officer’s names) to Martin Luther King Jr. 🙁

    1. Here is hoping that the next Huricane washes the trashy sinful city of Naw Lands out into the Gulf of Mexico.

  5. My father attended a veterinary college or school in Mobile in early 1920’s or 1930’s??
    He died when I was only 12 yrs of age and I never learned anything about it.
    I was told the school burned or something happened to it??
    Could someone tell me the name of the school/college, etc???

  6. So what Indian Treaty gave away Mobile to the United States Federal Government?


  7. As usual, half the story was not told. And it is the Civil War.

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