1. Maggie, this is very interesting ! Enjoyed reading this article.

  2. This shows again that there were many free people of color before the Civil War. It’s a shame more people don’t know of this.

    1. It’s a shame people don’t know the true nature of what was done to those Indians (people of color of every hue) who were the land owners of the age and the same until the early to mid 1900’s when the timber companies learned how to write deeds for people who were exempt from taxes due to being Indians.

      The Choctaw Indians of Mobile and Washington Counties in Alabama.

      The truth is out. The deeds are recorded.

      25 USC 177 and 25 USC 1779.

      7 Stat. 333

      Read and Weep.

  3. Enjoyed reading this article, and learned a few things too.

  4. I enjoyed reading this thanks. Historical accounts of times past intrigue me. The idea of hauling water 4 miles to town can be a humbling thought.

    1. I agree. We take our cars for granted today. It is amazing to discover how difficult life was for our ancestors.

  5. My 4x great-grandparents, Edward & Mary Laurendine, were living in Mobile, Alabama Territory in 1817.
    Thank you for this series on early Alabama.

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