1. Shona CocoTommy Henderson This was the place I was talkin about that they did a movie/documentary about

  2. The shoals made a name for it’s self in the 60’s and 70’s music scene. Some awesome stuff was recorded there.

  3. CS FUQUA has a book about this place…Alabama Musicians

  4. Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers

  5. I would like to see the list of the songs that was recorded at Muscle Shoals and the musicians that was there back in the day..

  6. Just bought DVD of Muscle Shoals. So amazed by the music history from there. Wasn’t Hollis Dixon the band we had for so many dances?

  7. Barnes and Noble sells the dvd

  8. Interesting! not something I learned in Alabama History.

  9. Don’t waste your time there.

  10. Thanks to all who share with Muscle Shoals. When my mother was alive and I called her everyday in her nursing home bed, we visited events and travels in our lives together. I miss her. One day she asked my if I remember Muscle Shoals. Yes, I remember being there and she put a name and place to my memory. The pictures today aren’t the pictures of my memory. Does anyone have some very old pictures of swimming and playing there from the 1940’s? I would love to see them at this sight. Thank you. Judi Lichliter, Cortez, Colorado

  11. A lot of great songs were recorded at this little burg in north Alabama.

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