1. […] a native of Virginia. In 1817, Frances came with his brother James G. Lyon to live with his uncle George Strother Gaines in Alabama. George S. Gaines was the Native American agent of the United States government in St. […]

  2. […] Different parties have written of Mrs. Crawley’s captivity and rescue. And they have quoted the writing of Col. George S Gaines. […]

  3. This story was also included in a 1908 public school textbook for schoolchildren. The copy I have is signed by a 9th grader.

    While the story is written somewhat differently, the punchline paragraph is included verbatim.

    The preface reads: This Alabama History has been prepared especially for use in the public schools. Its purpose is to give a fair impression of the growth of the State, and to make distinct the spirit that has animated the people in all the years of its history.

    The author hopes that its suggestiveness will help to stimulate the young people to intelligent patriotism and to ardent love for the history of Alabama.

    Joel Campbell DuBose
    Birmingham, Alabama,
    October 1, 1908