1. Cathy Eshmont

    Soooo interesting. Similar to Cahokia Illinois

  2. Lynn Eckberg

    Moundville State Park is an awesome place to visit. Before The University of Alabama took it over the City of Moundville had controll of the park. My grandparent were from there so I grew up playing on the Indian mounds and going to the museum all the time. It never ceased to be amazing no matter how old I got. When my son turned two I could not wait to take him to share the beauty of the mounds and the nature trail. This place is so worth the time.

  3. Nancy Arnold Wood

    The Indian mounds in Macon, GA. are pretty amazing too.

  4. Jacque Phillips

    This weekend is the festival

  5. Lukasz Sadowski

    Alabama do not forget that you are heart of the Bible belt. You are my favourite state in the USA because there is a lot of (Pentecostal) people who rise the snakes! I know that South had the reasons to rise against the North one day, and I see illuminati (occultist) symbols on Washington streets and US Dollars which should disappear one day. Do not forget that you have true Protestant friends form outside of the USA!

  6. Lynn Eckberg

    Every time Moundville is mentioned I smile. I smile because I have wonderful memories of my Grandma and Pawpaw. This is a great place to visit

  7. Craig Thompson

    Great park a walk along the Black Warrior River there is nice very scenic, the museum is great, really beautiful area, quiet

  8. Darin Hargis

    Chris Topher Mosh Charlotte Louise do y’all’s selfs a favor and come see this shit one day.

    1. Darin Hargis

      This is where we got married

  9. Jane Herbst

    Hidden, cannot read 🙁

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