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    1. It should be working now. Thanks

    2. David Crockett was the only congressman from Tennessee to vote against the forced removal and he was not relected to congress. He went to Texas and yall know the rest of the story

  2. Too bad the actual records don’t align with modern perception.

    The woods are thick and roads were nil. What trail did each group take? Exactly?

  3. Poor people, see big brother was a peace of shit then & ain’t changed a bit. I,m rite, u wrong. I believe in America & the people. But big brother at the wheel it don’t matter witch side. Big brother is a piece of crap. They say same law for all, bull shit a poor man don’t stand a chance with big brother.

  4. US should honor the treaty or return all lost land Supreme Court should rule on this

  5. The popular folklore differs entirely from Federal Law.

    The falsified pretense remains.

    1. Joyce Pierce Fitzgerald Us. We weren’t alive

    2. Judy Stockman she’s speaking more on humanity as a whole, rather than to specific individuals alive today.

  6. The ones who are still on reservations here in the USA. We stole everything from them, murdered and they are still mistreated. Everyone should go out West and see how they are still living in. It is terrible.

    1. Linda Stone Thrower
      I also have some American Indian heritage.
      Sorry, but the Indians lost the wars.

    2. Sonny Albright my great grandmother was Cherokee.

  7. A prime example of how greed can make otherwise good people do evil things

  8. Much like today. Economy over equity.

  9. All men are inherently evil. Not just certain people.

  10. Not trying to down play the plight of Native Americans but I will add these statistics
    Native American gaming industry is worth $100 Billion
    According to the Council of Energy Resource Tribes, Native Americans own 2% of the land which holds 20% of our country’s coal, oil, & gas reserves. A $1.5 Trillion industry for them.
    We might want to know what the Native American Council’s are doing for the over 5 Million Native Americans, 78% which live outside of the Reservations, are doing for their own people with these profits. My Great Grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee so don’t come at me with that “paleface” nonsense.

    1. Larry Morrison my Grandmother’s Grandmother was full blood Cherokee also

  11. An ancestor of my Native American friend led their people out of Alabama on the Trail of Tears.

  12. Trail of Tears…??