1. Kenneth H. Haughton

    Good reasonable Standard rules and should be enforced…a clean & neat workplace is an efficient workplace…call me when y’all are finished.

  2. Walt Riley

    How times have changed.

  3. Charlie Price

    so how long did this business last?

  4. Bill Crump

    No atheists in that office. And oh boy, if they busted themselves for 13 hours a day, six days a week for five years, and IF the profits were there, they MIGHT get a whopping raise of a nickel a day or 30 cents more a week. That’s probably where the term “sweatshop” originated. 🙂

  5. Rick Guhse

    Some people are complaining about how hard it is in our time.

  6. Bryan Turner

    Wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen this fictional list shared. It’s commonly presented as rules for teachers, but I’ve also seen it as rules for nurses.

  7. Rebecca Barnes

    Anne Shanklin Weaver what do you think?

    1. Anne Shanklin Weaver

      No one today would keep a job for more than a day!

  8. Bill Schmalz

    I like the one where men are given one night off per week for courting purposes; two if you go to chruch.

  9. Judy Hulsey Acton

    I remember those good old days!

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