1. Let’s go. It’s such a beautiful town.

  1. Such a beautiful little town also. Let’s go check it out

  2. Boom Days festival this Saturday in Fort Payne!

  3. Sherry Maxwell..I told you they was coming..ARMAGEDDON ARMEGDON

  4. While John Benge’s removal party was camped at Gunter’s Landing, approximately 300 Cherokee escaped and hid in our local mountains! Many of their descendants are still in this area.

    1. Do you know any of the family last names who hid in the mountains. I was told that my Brock ancestors hid out.

  5. They also killed and buried many unruly Native Americans whom they thought would be troublemakers on the Trail of Tears. The fence company I worked for put fence over one mass grave to prevent looting of remains.

    1. The burial site is one of two- it is out of the city to the West.

    2. Location of Fort or what’s left of it?

  6. while Fort Mims and Burnt Corn Creek are ghost towns…. SMH

  7. My ancestors were there from about 1835-1865. If you are a Hughes or Russell descendant would love to hear from you!

  8. Regarding the downtown picture; the best way to identify the year of any photo is to look for the most recent car. In this case, the newest-model vehicle parked along the street is a 1941 model Chevrolet and no vehicles post-war; which suggests the picture was taken sometime during WWII.

  9. interesting place to visit need several days to see it all

  10. Sad part of a good city’s history……

  11. How can anyone trust a government run by same group of banker members that ordered the death march of the Cherokees?

  12. Thankfully my Cherokee ancestors had light blue eyes and English names. They farmed in Marshall and Blount Counties and were able to hide out and not get sent on the trail to Oklahoma.

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