1. In 1836 these same settlers petitioned Congress to remain to harvest their own fields.

    What ended up happening was that many staid in Alabama.

    The part of history they didn’t tell anyone about.

    The United States Federal Government forced a Removal in 1836 but of whom?


    Look it up sometime.

    1. Darby Weaver The vast majority of Creeks were removed in 1836. Many Cherokee assisted in that removal and were then removed themselves in 1838. Don’t attempt to white wash these events. They were horrendous.

    2. The Non-Intercourse Act of 1834 protected Native Americans.

      In 1835 the US Congress made all land patents and grants prior null and void since they were fraudulent and repugnant to the Constitution and Treaties.

      Recall Worchester v Georgia in 1832.

      Notice that Georgia was still Alabama in 1802.

      Historians told a divergent story.

      The historians supported the fraud of an unlettered people. Several court cases note the same. It is primary law to cite the actual cases and the word for word decisions held by certain judges.

      Not my fault.

      The Settlers were then to remove in 1836.

      However the settlers tried to claim the Choctaws left under the Indian Removal Act of 1830 followed by the Choctaw Treaty of 1830.

      These settlers claims were steeped in Fraud – they were dependent upon the Louisiana Purchase being valid which depended on the Treaty of IL Defenson of 1800 being itself valid however the Treaty of 1783 and 1763 made all Defenso a Legal Fiction.

      Congress investigated this in 1835 and came to this conclusion. The American State Papers are clear on the matter.

      It’s called Federal Statute.

      The Color of Law has overshadowed the true law for a long time.

      However the IRA could not affect the Choctaw – See the Choctaw Emigration Logs of 1834.

      Mushulatubbee called for a removal of all Settlers in 1833.

      The Secretary of War was bound to oblige.

      William Wars tried to undo Mushulatubbee referring to him as a drunk.

      The Non-Intercourse Act of 1834 followed.

      25 USC 177 was updated as of 2015

      It is still effective today.

      The Constitution is still alive and in use today.

      The tales oft told of removal are those we that are recorded in Choctaw Nation v United States.

      The United States Army has a record of its military history.

      Congress records it’s humble beginnings.

      Take a look at who is who.

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