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Mrs. Lilly Gardner Kills the Wife of Her Paramour in 1900 Bibb County – Part IV

This is the final story of what happened to Lilly Gardner and Festus Caddell.

(Transcribed from The Centreville Press, Centreville, Alabama, April 25, 1901)


The Supreme Court has handed down a decision in the case of the state vs Festus Caddell affirming the verdict of the lower court. The jury that tried Caddell sentenced him for life.

Wash Hamesworth, who was sentenced for killing a negro at Blocton, and given a life sentence was also affirmed.

An agent of the state is expected to arrive in Centreville and transfer them either to the mines or state farm. Caddell has been confined so long it will be some time before he will be able to do hard work of any kind.

(Transcribed from The Centreville Press, Centreville, Alabama, Sep. 17, 1903)

The case of the state vs Lilly Gardner, charged with the murder of Mamie Caddell was called in the Circuit Court on Monday morning. Both the state and defendant announced ready, and this case that has been postponed from time to time went to trial. Monday was consumed in organizing the court and selecting a jury, and the following juryman were finally selected: D. H. Hicks, H. S. Ward, J. W. Tatum, C. H. Trucks, A. H. Fuller, H. P. Matthews, J. A. Rotenberry, W. N. Robinson, J. A. Fancher, W. F. Lawley, F. G. Spinks and R. H. Creel.

Hon. W. W. Lavender, Deputy Solicitor is conducting the prosecution, while Col. Sam Will John is chief counsel for the defence. The trial will consume the greater part of the week.

(Transcribed from The Centreville Press, Centreville, Alabama, September 24, 1903)

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The case of the state vs Lilly Gardner, which consumed the entire of last week was concluded on Saturday evening by the jury finding the defendant not guilty on account of insanity. The jury was only out a couple of hours, when the sheriff notified the court that the jury was ready to report. The verdict caused no surprise, as an acquittal was predicted by many as the jury was made up. Mrs. Gardner was turned over to her relative, and she will be placed in the asylum until she has mentally recovered. The case has cost the county of Bibb hundreds of dollars and it is well that the case has been disposed of.

(Transcribed from The Centreville Press, Centreville, Alabama, September 8, 1904)

A petition is being circulated and unanimously signed, asking for the pardon of Festus Caddell who was sentenced two years ago as an accomplice in the murder of his wife Mamie Caddell. The shooting was done by Mrs. Gardner, and Caddell was indicted jointly with her charged with the crime.

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(Transcribed from The Centreville Press, Centreville, Alabama, March 28, 1907)


Notice is hereby given that application will be made to the Governor of Alabama, for the pardon of Festus Caddell, who was convicted at the spring term 1902 of the Circuit Court of murder. Said application will be heard by the Governor on Tuesday the 18 day of June 1907.

(Transcribed from The Centreville Press, Centreville, Alabama, April 18, 1907)

J. L. Davidson was in Centreville this week on his way to appear in Montgomery, where he will appear before the pardoning board in the interest of Festus Caddell for a parole.

(Transcribed from The Centreville Press, Centreville, Alabama, Nov. 5, 1925)


Yard Office Clerk Dies Suddenly In Bessemer Office

BESSEMER, ALA. Oct. 30 – Special – P. Festus Caddelll, chief clerk at the Louisville & Nashville yard office, dropped dead in the office Friday morning at 9 o’clock. Caddell was about 50 years old, and had not been well for some time, it is stated, but had been able to look after his duties in the yards. He had several teeth draawn Thursday, according to employees at the yard, and was complaining in the early morning. He lived on Nineteenth street and Eighth avenue.

Funeral arrangements will be made later.

Mr. Caddell was reared in Centreville, and will be remembered in a sensational case in the courts of this county many years ago.

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