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Ticknor’s Company, First Regiment, Alabama Volunteers for Texas Revolution

(From a Brief History of Montgomery, by M, P. Blue, Esq., 1878)



(From a Brief History of Montgomery, by M, P. Blue, Esq., 1878)

The reputation of the town (Montgomery) suffered on account of the lawlessness that was allowed to prevail. The sporting gentry, many of them not of the better class contributed largely to this state of affairs. These had their rendevous (sic) at the “Montgomery Exchange” the present location of the “Kentucky Whisky House” of the Messers. Lucius. At this bar room and gambling den, altercations and street fights of the most serious character were of frequent, if not daily occurrences. At times, good peaceable citizens, who had spoken out their sentiments against lawlessness, were insulted or attacked. It seemed for some time that the worst element of the community had the upper hand, and kept the balance in constant awe. The town authorities appeared powerless, being unable to preserve order or protect the lives of the citizens. The first effective check to the ruling bad element was had under the leadership of Col. John H. Thorington, whose property, as well as that of others, had been damaged. CoL Thorington, at the head of a few hundred citizens, marched to the “Montgomery Exchange” and arrested Isaac Ticknor and John Tittle, the ringleaders, and had them bound over to keep the peace. The next happy riddance to the community of this dangerous class, occurred when about forty of them left in Capt. Ticknor’s Company to aid the struggling Texas Colonists, early in 1836.

The citizens of Montgomery exhibited a deep interest in the success of the Texans in their efforts for independence from Mexico. After several public meetings and the contribution of pecuniary aid, Isaac Ticknor succeeded, early in December, 1835, in enlisting a company, which went to Texas, all of whom perished in the massacre of Col. Fannin’s Command after surrender, March 1836. The following is a correct list of the officers and members:

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Captain Ticknor’s Company, First Regiment, Texas Volunteers:

Memory B, Tatum— 1st Lieut

William A. Smith-2nd Lieut

Edmond Patterson-1st Sergeant

Nicholas B. Waters-2nd Sergeant

Richard Rutledge~3d Sergeant

Samuel C. Pitman-4th Sergeant

Joseph B. Tatum-lst Corporal

James C. Jack-2nd Corporal

Perry Reese—3rd Corporal

Thomas Rieves-4th Corporal

Thomas Weston-Musician


D. Greene

Hezekiah Fist

Samuel Wood

William Comstock

William L. Alison

Evans M. Thomas

Henry Hasty

Levin Allen

Seaborn A. Mills

William P. B. Dubose

Edward Fitzsimmons

David Johnson

O. F. Leverett

Isaac N. Wright

Charles Lantz

Stephen Baken

G. W. Carlisle

Cornelius Rooney

Swords Williams

James O. Young

John McGowan

C. F. Hick

W. Welsh

John O’Daniel

Washington Mitchell

A. M. Lynch

James A. Bradford

Jesse Harris

Cullen Conard

Edward Wingate (had joined Capt. Wadsworth’s although he left Montgomery in Capt. Ticknor’s)

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