PATRON + “Presbyterian Ministers traveled in pairs in the wilds of early Alabama”

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  1. My ancestor Rev. Henry Bryson was a traveling preacher for the Presbyterian Church. His travel journal beginning in 1826 was published in 1980 in the Alabama Historical Quarterly Vol. 42 no 1 and 2. You can also read it here from the history of one of his churches in Tennessee:
    His journal gives great insight into the life of a traveling preacher in early Alabama. He traveled all through eastern Alabama from the north to the south, and to Lincoln County TN.

  2. My ancestor, John Franklin King, was an early Cumberland minister in Florence, Alabama, who moved to Arkansas about 1834 & was a contributor to the first Arkansas state constitution in 1836.

  3. My great grandfather, Anderson Mills Sadler, was ordained as a Cumberland minister in 1833 and served around Bessemer. He was described as the last one of James Gutherie’s “sons of thunder”.