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Biography: Robert Blatcher Caudle born January 5, 1842 – photograph

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Jefferson and Talladega County, Alabama

Robert Blatcher Caudle was an agriculturist in the southern part of Talladega county, Alabama. He was born Jan. 5, 1842, on a farm which later became the site of the splendid city of Birmingham. He was of sturdy Scotch-Irish stock, his father, Elijah Green Caudle, was reared in Troup county, Georgia, whence he emigrated to the farm referred to in 1842. After four years he came down into Talladega county and located on the plantation which his son, Robert B. later owned.

Elijah Caudle was an energetic man and until his death in 1866 operated one of the largest plantations in the county. He married Harriet Killebrew, daughter of Robert Killebrew and Tilda Killebrew, then of Troup county, Georgia. He and his wife were consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and stanch Whigs in politics. Elijah’s birth occurred in South Carolina. He accompanied his parents to Georgia some time previous to the Indian war of 1836, in which he took part. His wife and he died in the same year. They had thirteen children; only two were living in 1904.

Robert B. Caudle was a fixture in Talladega county, having lived on the old plantation since his fourth year. He operated six hundred and eighty acres of land and was regarded as one of the county’s best authorities on matters agricultural.

When war’s loud alarms resounded through his beloved Southland, Mr. Caudle was one of the first to spring to her defense, spending four years as a private in Captain Patterson’s company of the Thirtieth Alabama. At the battle of Atlanta, while bravely doing his duty on Peachtree street, he was severely wounded, and soon after was taken prisoner. He remained in the enemy’s lines some twenty-one days, all the time he wanted to test Yankee hospitality. He participated in all the battles of his regiment, and was discharged with honor on the 19th of May, 1865.

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Having been taught “simon pure” Whig doctrines in his boyhood days, Mr. Caudle found it easy to accept the principles of the Republican party. He was consistent in his political life, and was honored as the standard bearer of the party in several different elections. He and his good wife were members of the Methodist church for over twenty years. They were married at Sulphur Springs, Calhoun county, Alabama, July 12, 1865.

Mrs. Caudle was Emily C. Morris, daughter of E. G. Morris and Fannie Morris. To them were born

  1. Mary Henry Etta Caudle
  2. Ida Frances Caudle  married William Robert Chappell
  3. Henry Wilburn Caudle (deceased by 1904)
  4. Katie Caudle
  5. Eli Green Caudle
  6. LaFayette Caudle
  7. Aurilla Caudle (deceased by 1904)
  8. George Austin Caudle
  9. Eva Moreice Caudle (deceased by 1904)
  10. Emily Ora Caudle
  11. Nettie Maud Caudle
  12. Robert Blatcher Caudle (deceased by 1904)
  13. Robert Blatcher Caudle
  14. John Stevenson (deceased by 1904)
  15. Earl Coker Caudle (Jun 29, 1894 – July 26, 1960) married Etta Ann Fields

Mr. and Mrs. Caudle and their family held an enviable place in the esteem of a large circle of friends and acquaintances in Talladega county. Robert Blatcher Caudle passed away Aug 2, 1913 and is buried in Marble City Cemetery in Sylacauga, Talladega County, Alabama


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