1. The Armstrong family. Greenville, Butler County, Alabama

  2. Scotch is whiskey, Scots are people

  3. The Lumber River Scots is a fabulous book written in the 1940’s highlighting five families: The McLeans, Torreys, Purcells, McIntyres, and Gilchrists.

  4. Southside, Alabama (35907) is #15 on the list of “Top 101” zip codes with the largest percentage of Celtic first ancestries.

  5. I’m in the same Clan as my cousin Darla Bowling Sams.

  6. Hannah Wallace Adam Wallace Rachel Borne McCool

  7. Hard to believe you’d leave out the ‘Emperor of Alabama’. Alexander McGillivray. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_McGillivray

    1. This was an exact transcription from an article. I don’t know why he was left out.

  8. My Scots ancestors settled in the Anniston/ Jacksonville area

  9. My dad was born in Alabama and he had his descendants searched and they were from Scotland and Ireland and my moms from England. I treasure this information.

  10. All Alabamans should read Donna Causey’s Website “Alabama Pioneers”. I’ve learned so much!

  11. My family is descended from these refugees.

  12. My ancestors in south AL were Scott’s who migrated from NC.

  13. My Scottish ancestor was kidnapped and brought here.

  14. My family descended from Scots/Irish immigrants-McLeod, Mitchell, Bowden.

  15. Clan Gregor For life! Go Scots!

  16. Pat Crowder,Merdith Meredith Crowder,Matt Delana Crowder

  17. I think I’m goin to move there……depending on the vote….LOL

  18. Alabama Pioneers, do you have any info on the Shivers in lower Alabama from the early 1800’s

  19. My family were Scots who were forced to Ireland then to America. They went to NC, then GA. After the Civil War all their lands were confiscated and they migrated to Alabama to a place that became Cooks Springs.

  20. Stacey Spalding this is why you love the Heart of Dixie so much!!!

  21. I have read from several sources that my third great grandfather through my Taylor line was from the Scottish Highlands but I can’t find any documentation of this. His name was Freeman Wood (circa 1800-circa 1850). Can’t locate immigration documents, passenger list or anything prior to his marriage. I have info on his children and later generations all the way to myself. His family history completely evades me.
    I also have Murphy surname that shows up around the same time in my ancestry but what I found on him says that he came from Ireland.
    This article helps so much to understand why Freeman might have come to America, and gives me some idea of the path that he followed. I’ll continue the search for info on him. Thanks for posting!

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